Bamboo Ocean Cosmetics: pure, unique, natural

The Bamboo Ocean Cosmetics mainly consist of the best natural bamboo serum and pure bamboo water. Only a minimal of preservative is used.

cream_wkBamboo Ocean Cream

The soothing and caring daily cream for face contains more than 80% natural bamboo extract. Together with Hyaluronic acid the cream is effective in moisturizing and against wrinkles. Bamboo extract is proven to have effects of anti-allergy, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, anti-aging.

Application: Facial cream. Ideal for sensitive and demanding skin. Suitable to dermatitis, scars and small wound on the body. Can be used as after-shave balsam, calms irritation and eliminate razor burn.

50 ml, 180 USD online shopping

Bamboo Ocean Toner

The Bamboo Ocean Toner contains pure bamboo water and silk protein. The bamboo water binds free radicals and refreshes maximally the skin. Silk protein bestows moisture and smoothness to the skin. It is perfect as a refreshing spray for the whole body and a gentle facial cleaning toner. Also visit for further information.

Application: Cleansing Toner for face. Refreshing spray for the whole body: ideal for hot season, can be used at and after sunbath.

100 ml, 60 USD online shopping


Bamboo Ocean Hair Tonic

The formula of bamboo water and natural pea serum is proven to can stimulate hair growth. The Bamboo Ocean Hair Tonic calms your scalp and revitalizes the follicles, prevents hair loss.

Application: Hair liquid, calms the scalp, cares the hair and stimulates hair growth.

200 ml, 90 USD online shopping

Bamboo Ocean Pure Drink_wk

Bamboo Ocean Pure Drink

Healthy refreshment for the beauties: the Bamboo Ocean Pure Drink contains flavonoids. It is perfect complement to our cosmetics. Every day and night 20ml Beauty-Drink perfects Bamboo Ocean Beauty ritual. The Bamboo Ocean Pure Drink is sold exclusively by our VIP members.

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Bamboo Ocean Ritual

In the morning
Spray Bamboo Ocean Toner onto a cotton pad and use it to clean the face. Apply Bamboo Ocean Cream to thoroughly cleaned and dry Skin.

During the day
Multiple times per day, spray Bamboo Ocean Toner directly onto your skin or use a cotton pad to clean the face.

In the evening
Distribute the hair tonic evenly onto your scalp after shower. Gently massage your scalp a few minutes. Then wrap the hair into a warm towel for half an hour.
Spray Bamboo Ocean Toner onto cotton pad and use this to clean the face.
Apply Bamboo Ocean Cream to thoroughly cleaned and dry skin