Active ingredients

High dosage of natural ingredients

Our natural cosmetics clean the skin; bestow moisture and protection from the environment pollutions. The Bamboo Ocean Cosmetics are the answer to increasing air pollution, increasing ozone level and strong sunlight. Thanks to our special harvest and production methods, the bioactive and aromatic ingredients could be preserved in the natural bamboo extract.

Cosmetic with proven functions

«Bamboo extract contains flavonoid, silicon, bioactive polysaccharides, polypeptides and amino acids. It is proven to be effective in anti-allergy, anti-inflammation, anti-bacteria and anti-oxidation.» Dr. Xuan Zhou, R&D Department Bamboo Ocean Cosmetics

«Together with Organic Bamboo Industries AG we studied different bamboo species by HPLC-MS. Phyllostachys Edulis is found to be rich in flavonoid isoorientin, orientin, vitexin, luteolin, kaempferol and Tricin.» Prof. Dr. Götz Schlotterbeck, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, School of Life Sciences FHNW, Switzerland

„The Organic Bamboo Industries AG was seeking a special extraction method and process design that are not destroying the ingredients, and people and environment-friendly. We cooperated on this project. The extraction with water at low temperature was our recommendation, because it uses no solvents harm to people and environment, and it conserves the aromatic and bio-active ingredients.“ Angelo Gössi, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, School of Life Sciences FHNW, Institute for Chemistry and Bioanalytics, Switzerland

«Our products contain exquisite formula with high dosage, more than 80% of our best natural bamboo extract, which was extracted with spring water. Only a minimal of preservative is applied.» Christian Gerig, Co-Founder & CEO Organic Bamboo Industries AG

«The product line of Bamboo Ocean Cosmetics is designed as a ritual: the Products provide the skin moisture and strength throughout the day, as well as refreshment, gentle cleaning and protection to the face, the hair and scalp from environmental toxins and allergies.» Patrick Neuenschwander, Co-Founder Organic Bamboo Industries AG